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I Learned I Am Not Alone

I discovered at my first Al‑Anon meeting just how much alcoholism had affected me, even though I didn’t drink. I was just as sick as my alcoholic boyfriend—maybe worse. I was obsessed. I constantly searched for alcohol and

It’s Okay to Love an Alcoholic

Before I found Al‑Anon, I thought there was something wrong with me because I loved an alcoholic. I didn’t understand how I could continue to love someone whose behavior was insane when drinking. I felt alone and isolated

Self-Care Replaced Fear and Anxiety

Growing up in an alcoholic home, I learned to focus on how my dad came home and whether my mom was going to be sad or angry. I learned to worry about my sister when she didn’t come

I Put the Focus on Myself

When my 15-year-old son began drinking, I would stay up and wait for him. The happy young son who loved to play the piano after dinner and read lots of books in the living room was now angry

Finding True Hope

For a long time I would hope for things that I knew wouldn’t come true. Hope for me was like a wishing well that I tossed a nickel into whenever I needed motivation or a happy place to

“Keep Coming Back”

After an Al-Anon meeting one night, I stood outside the church in the freezing rain. Cars drove away, and people waved to each other with promises to meet next week. Once again, I felt deep despair because no

I Felt Welcomed and Wanted

I remember the first day of visitation when my son was in a treatment center. He suggested that I attend an Al‑Anon meeting afterward. It was truly an invitation by my Higher Power to take that giant step

Mothering or Enabling?

When I first came to Al‑Anon, I spent a great deal of time wrestling with the term, “enabling.” I am a mother. Surely a mother’s role is to enable her children, is it not? It has been a

Dealing with Feelings

In the past, feelings ruled my life. If anyone displayed an emotion, I quickly absorbed it as my own. Once triggered, I found it difficult to let go of anger and fear. Then, as if this were not

I’ll Keep Coming Back

I have been in Al‑Anon for a little over 20 years, and I keep coming back because of the transparency and honesty in these rooms. Nowhere else in my life do I find people who are willing to