First Steps to Al-Anon Recovery Podcasts2018-12-06T10:27:46-05:00


This is a series of podcasts, especially recorded to introduce you to Al-Anon meetings.

  • How does an Al-Anon meeting work?
  • How can we participate?
  • How do we know if Al-Anon has anything to offer us?

Did we cause our loved one to drink?

“Introduction of Al-Anon Meeting” podcasts: 2) Did we cause our loved one to drink?

If we are not the ones with the drinking problem, why are we talking about our powerlessness over alcohol? Can we control our loved one’s drinking? Can we cure our loved one’s drinking problem?



What does it mean, our lives became unmanageable?

“Introduction of Al-Anon Meeting” podcasts: 3) What do we mean when we say our lives became unmanageable? Does it mean we will always feel angry or sad or depressed? Will our lives continue to be as chaotic as they are today? Is there any hope for improvement?


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