World Service Office (WSO) Volunteers

We are all devoted, humble servants who dedicate ourselves to the purpose of serving our treasured Al‑Anon program.

World Service Conference Summary 2018 (P‑46), p. 35

Board Of Trustees

Requires ten years or more of continuous Al‑Anon/Alateen membership

Executive Committee (EC)

Requires ten years or more of continuous Al‑Anon/Alateen membership

Executive Committee for Real Property Management (ECRPM)

Requires seven years or more of continuous Al‑Anon/Alateen membership

At-Large Committee

Requires five years or more of continuous Al‑Anon/Alateen membership

“I shared part of my story (while in Cameroon, Africa) in French to a group of villagers in a mountain village and as I talked about the fighting and my fear and confusion, I saw their heads nodding up and down in understanding just like they do at home!”

Mary G., Board of Trustees

“For me, the opportunity to participate in the European Zonal Meeting (EZM) was a privilege; I was able to continually observe firsthand how saying ‘yes’ to service literally changes lives.  What I took away from being in the presence of these Delegates one last time was the absolute certainty that the EZM, the International Al‑Anon General Services Meeting, and the WSO are serving their purpose.”

Debbie G., Board of Trustees

“It has been an honor and privilege to serve for eight years on the Executive Committee in a variety of roles. As a result, I have expanded my listening, reasoning, and communication skills. At a deeper level, I understand the spiritual principles behind our Legacies and am more readily able to apply them in my personal life, with family and friends. I practice courage, trust, and honesty knowing that I’m never alone as we work together for the good of the fellowship and our potential members. I’m inspired by the commitment to excellence and personal integrity of our World Service Office Staff.”

Paula B., Executive Committee

What Are the 

General Duties and Goals?

To act on behalf of Al‑Anon as a whole

To apply the spiritual principles of our program as we conduct the business of Al‑Anon

To come in the spirit of freedom to participate as equals and to share service ideas and experiences with each other

World Service Conference Summary 2018, p. 9

[To] discover a deeper understanding of our relationship to each other through collective thinking and shared thoughts

To realize that each of us has an obligation to be a part of using and mentoring these spiritual principles in all of our behaviors and activities, as this will make the fellowship stronger and more unified

World Service Conference Summary 2013, pp. 9‑10

[To expand] our community of hope by embracing yesterday’s foundations, today’s successes, and tomorrow’s possibilities to ensure the future of Al‑Anon Family Groups

World Service Conference Summary 2011, p. 7

“They kept talking about Lois’s visit 35 years ago while she was on vacation there. They kept telling us it had been 35 years since the WSO had come. They told us about how isolated they feel, and now they feel like Al‑Anon is really a bigger thing than just Australia.”

Judy P., Board of Trustees

“Semi-annual visits to the World Service Office (WSO) to inspect our property and discuss needed repairs, budgets, and overall maintenance doesn’t sound very spiritual. But in truth, it embraces the spiritual commitment made between the WSO, the World Service Conference and our members to keep the ownership of our property independent and not divert us from our primary spiritual aim. Allowing this Committee to provide oversight of our real property allows WSO Staff to focus on essential services to our fellowship, members, and the family and friends of alcoholics who are still in need of recovery from the effects of someone’s drinking.”


“It is a pleasure for me to be an At-Large member of the Executive Committee. I get to work not only with the other members of the Executive Committee but also with Policy Committee members and Delegates to the World Service Conference.

In our responsibility of oversight of the World Service Office, we look monthly at what is being done by its very competent Staff. This monthly review provides an awareness of what is going on in worldwide Al Anon.

Interacting with these dedicated people has encouraged me to develop a deeper love for and understanding of the program.”

JP. M., Executive Committee