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Resources for Professionals

Al-Anon is a mutual support group of peers who share their experience in applying the Al-Anon principles to problems related to the effects of a problem drinker in their lives. It is not group therapy and is not led by a counselor or therapist. This support network complements and supports professional treatment.

Alateen is a peer support group for teens who are struggling with the effects of someone else’s problem drinking. Many Alateen groups meet at the same time and location as an Al-Anon group. Alateen meetings are open only to teenagers. Alateen is not a program for young people seeking sobriety.

No advance notification or written referral is necessary to attend an Al-Anon or Alateen meeting. Anyone affected by someone else’s drinking is welcome to attend.

There are no dues or fees. Groups are self-supporting, and usually pass a basket around for a voluntary contribution to pay for rent or Al-Anon literature.

Encourage your clients to try Al-Anon, even if they minimize the problem with alcohol. The 2015 Al-Anon membership survey shows that 40% of newcomers who first came to Al-Anon because of a loved one’s drug addiction and later came to better understand the seriousness of that person’s alcohol problem only after attending Al-Anon for a period of time.

Fact Sheet for Professionals – English (S‑37E)

Ideal information about the family disease of alcoholism for professionals, including counselors, doctors, and teachers.


Archivo de hechos para profesionales – Español (S‑37S)

Información ideal acerca de la enfermedad familiar del alcoholismo para los profesionales tales como los orientadores, los médicos y los maestros.


Renseignements destinés aux professionnels – Français (S‑37F)

Idéal pour obtenir de l’information sur le mal familial de l’alcoolisme. Pour les professionnels, y compris les conseillers, les médecins et les enseignants.

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