Look to the Past to Protect the Future—Al-Anon’s World Service Office archives “…It is so important to keep Al-Anon alive and to keep past growth as well as future growth.” Lois W., Al-Anon cofounder.

The mission of the Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc., Archives, at the World Service Office is to preserve, manage, and provide access to the materials accessioned. The World Service Office Archives is to be the protector of Al-Anon’s history. Documents, pamphlets, books, photographs, etc. that pertain to the history of the fellowship are preserved and protected.

The WSO Archives is the repository of the documented historical record of the Al-Anon fellowship. The historical record starts at the beginning of the movement and documents the milestones of growth towards the presence of the fellowship in countries around the world today. Special emphasis is placed on preserving the records of Al-Anon’s founders, early groups, beginning days of the Clearing House, and the organization of Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc.

Lois W. and the Pioneers Audio Interview
Speech by Lois W
Al-Anon History
FAQ about Al-Anon’s history
Al-Anon Timeline

Historic overview of WSO property
The story of the move from NYC to VB
• 2011 motion to authorize purchase of property
• Motion to create ECRPM
Property ownership timeline

Archive Service Aids Available
AR-2 Al-Anon: Then and Now (a brief history)
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