World Service Office (WSO)

The structure of the World Service Office (WSO) includes an Executive Director, as head of the office, with assistance provided by a staff of paid employees, volunteer Chairpersons of selected committees, and other volunteers. The WSO Policy Committee is composed of a Chairperson, all members of the Board of Trustees, members of the Executive Committee, the Chairpersons of all WSO selected committees (except the Conference Committee on Trustees), and the Conference members of the WSO administrative staff. The Executive Committee, which meets monthly, is the administrator of the World Service Office, with legal authority granted by the Board of Trustees to conduct its daily affairs. The Trustees, along with the members of the Executive Committee, direct the business operations of the WSO. They are concerned with guarding the legal rights of the Al-Anon fellowship. The Board serves as guardian of our Twelve Traditions, our Twelve Concepts of Service, the Al-Anon World Service Conference Charter, and giving an annual report of its activities.

The work of the WSO includes acting as the worldwide clearing house, registering new groups, planning and coordinating the World Service Conference, guiding Al-Anon’s public outreach efforts worldwide, preparing and distributing Conference Approved Literature.