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Who Is Responsible for Alateen Safety?

Early on in my personal recovery, I thought that our young boys would not need to go to Alateen meetings because they would reap the benefits of the Twelve Steps by osmosis through us—and of course that would

Calm Where There Had Only Been Anxiety

I came into Al-Anon shortly after my husband and I had been married for ten years. I had tried everything to get him to stop drinking. He didn’t, and he died of liver failure at age 45. I

Into a Life of Sanity

I came to Al Anon at the suggestion of a family member who was in recovery. I had become so overwhelmed from the consequences of alcoholism that I felt I was going insane. I felt so frightened and

Time Traveler: My Journey in Al-Anon’s History

Gratitude is the word that sums up my feeling of appreciation to our Cofounders and early volunteers for laying the foundation of our program. I also laughed when I read about Lois W.’s shoe-throwing episode. This is because

I Found a Safe Place

I remember feeling scared before heading to my first Al-Anon meeting. I was afraid I would be reminded of my alcoholic loved one and would start to cry. My mom passed away from the disease of alcoholism when

Hope, at Last

Knowing that I was not alone, that other members of Al‑Anon were in the same situation as I was, struggling with the same disease, allowed me to deal with the shame and guilt associated with the disease. It