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In Answer to a Need

When many of us finally found Al‑Anon, we came because of a family member or friend. I had little gratitude for my circumstances. However, as I grew and found myself becoming grateful for a better way of life,

Finally, I Was Home

My son was an alcoholic who had lost seven jobs in six years. I worried about him from the time I woke up until restless sleep overtook me. One night at about 2 am, I saw an ad

In Lieu of a Cure

I sometimes think of Al‑Anon meetings as an emergency room or infirmary where I can get treatment for my anxiety, anger, fear and uncertainty. I come when I need a dose of Al‑Anon medicine. I come because I

I Don’t Want To Hide from Life Anymore

Isolation is a term often associated with prisoners or individuals with infectious diseases. However, when connected with the disease of alcoholism, it took on an entirely new meaning for me. I had recently retired from a position that,

Thinking Ahead to the Holidays

Step Ten helps me reflect upon my life in the past 273 days of 2018. Thanks to Al‑Anon, I am taking care of myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. But that is about me. What about others? There are

Ours Is Truly a Worldwide Fellowship

Earlier this year, I visited Greece with the Chairperson of the Board, Debbie G. Our purpose was to meet with members of Public Outreach and Literature, as well as group members, to talk about how the World Service

Fall into Service

Did you ever wonder how Al‑Anon is held together? How is it that the Al‑Anon program of hope is the same everywhere that Al‑Anon meetings take place? What is a structure? What is a panel? How can members

A Mother’s Journey to Recovery

My oldest son caught the brunt of the family anger, confusion, irritability and everything else that happens in an alcoholic home. He caught it from both me—his mother—and his father. Today he is a very angry, confused active

The Slogans Helped Me Ease into Recovery

When I first came to Al‑Anon, I was overwhelmed. However, a member told me that the slogans are an easy way to ease into the program. I thought, okay, here I am—where do I go from here? Then

Even in the Face of Anger

When the Chairperson announced that the topic at the Saturday morning Al‑Anon meeting was control, I sat back in my chair and told myself that I didn’t need to share or even pay attention because control wasn’t my