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Principles above “Rules”

As I have grown in self-awareness and trust in a Higher Power, I find that I’m more relaxed about making decisions in the absence of strict rules and rigid structure. When I was a newcomer to Al‑Anon, I

Others’ Alcoholism Affected Me Too

As a newcomer to Al‑Anon, it took several months before I could share the most painful parts of my past—the things that had happened to me and the mistakes I had made. Growing up in an alcoholic home,

The Sound of Silence

There have been times in my life when silence has been healing for me. Moments spent in meditation, reading a book, or observing nature help turn off the noise of my rapid thoughts and provide me with peace.

Accepting Responsibility for Carrying the Message

I came into Al‑Anon utterly demoralized, beaten down by years of living in a degrading situation in my marriage. I had become inured to the cycle of my husband’s drinking, sexual coercion, and verbal abuse that sometimes escalated

Responding to My Son’s Relapse

My son relapsed, and so did I. As I had done before Al‑Anon, I felt sorry for myself and wished my son were different. I thought obsessively about what I could say to him that would make things

Affected by Alcoholism, Recovering in Al-Anon

As a child growing up with an alcoholic father, I often curled myself up into the corner of my bed, plugged my ears, and made myself “invisible”—tuning out the violence in our home. By my teenage years, I didn’t

Celebrating 60 Years of Conference Approved Literature

In April 1961, at Al-Anon’s first World Service Conference, our Cofounder Lois W. introduced the idea of Conference Approved Literature (CAL). As Lois explained, it would serve the same purpose as the formation of the Conference—to create unity among

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