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Terms Used in Al-Anon Service

District Meeting—A meeting of [Group Representatives (GRs)], held as necessary in a central location within a District, to elect a District Representative, to hear his reports and to discuss District matters. District Representative (DR)—An incoming, outgoing or active

A Newfound Inner Peace

As the wife of an active alcoholic, I have been awakened hundreds of nights by crashes of glass, yells from the other room, or intrusions into the bedroom where I was attempting to sleep. Usually these would occur

Finally in a Place of Safety

I arrived in Al‑Anon two years ago. I looked it up on the internet because I was desperate. My husband was no longer working and had been drinking off and on for three years. He would stop and

I No Longer Feel Broken

In the years before I came to Al‑Anon, I felt persecuted—first by my own stinking thinking and secondly by the verbal abuse thrown at me by my alcoholic husband. The abuse went on for 18 years. We met

What Happens to My “Forum” Sharing?

One of the first Al‑Anon slogans I latched onto was “How Important Is It?” At first, I took that phrase to mean that I don’t have to give undue meaning to things other people say and do. However,

It Doesn’t Make It So

Before Alateen, I could never forgive the people who hurt me. I could hold grudges like I could hold a feather—easily. Resentment is a bad habit I couldn’t seem to break. If you hurt me, I was going

I Awakened to My Own Life

I always felt that I was a loving person, but I often lived life by reacting, instead of responding. I wondered why I could not change the alcoholic, so I tried harder. I made sure that the house

Elephant in the Room

Many years ago, a friend of mine went to dinner with my husband and me. As we walked to our car afterward, she asked me “Does he always drink like that?” I said with a plastered smile and

Putting the Focus Where It Belongs

When I came to Al‑Anon, I thought the purpose was to focus on the alcoholic. After all, I thought that he was the one with the problems, the one making my life unbearable. I never thought that I

Al-Anon’s First Contact

In May of 1951, the first letter to the Al‑Anon Family Groups was written by Lois W. and Anne B. Below is a copy of the original correspondence. More information and interesting discussion questions specific to this documentation

Doing for Me…

Upon leaving the World Service Conference my very first year as a Delegate, I felt a sense of gratitude and humility beyond description. Growing up in the family disease of alcoholism, I had never experienced such a consistent