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The Importance of Newcomers!

As an Al‑Anon member, I am always grateful when a new face enters the room. Whether it is someone’s very first Al‑Anon meeting, someone visiting from out of town, or a student completing an assignment for school, I

Learning to Accept the Truth

My goal when I attended my first Al‑Anon meeting was to glean from the program a go-by list that could be used to lead my two alcoholic sons down a path to recovery. I regarded alcoholism as a

The Difference a Year Makes

This time last year, my life was unmanageable despite my alcoholic relative having almost two years of sobriety and being active in recovery. I was filled with anger, resentment, and confusion. I tried at all costs to bring

Walking through the Doors of Al-Anon…

When I walked through the doors of Al‑Anon, back in 1988, I came because I was looking for someone to tell me how to keep the alcoholic in my life from drinking. After a while, it began to

The Path Isn’t Chosen by Me

The illusion of control made me feel powerful in a world where I had frequently felt powerless and resentful towards the people, places, and things in my life while growing up. In adulthood, I micromanaged the lives of

Deciding Where to Look

After work, I rode home to the 20th-floor apartment I shared with my alcoholic partner. It faces a main avenue of our city. When I got off at the bus stop in front of our building, I looked

Beauty Inside and Out

Recently, I was preparing to move to a new state and had to decide what to keep and what to donate to charity. I had some old beds in storage that had not been used since I was

My Confusion Cleared

I came into Al‑Anon angry, hurting, and confused as to how I managed a career, but seemed to consistently fail in my personal relationships. I had no idea that being raised in an alcoholic home had affected me

My Personal Three Cs

I am so grateful for the gift of my recovery in Al‑Anon. From my very first meeting, I clung to the “three Cs.” I didn’t cause, can’t control, and can’t cure the disease of alcoholism. I experienced freedom

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