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Alateen Preamble, Revised at Last!

April 26, 2022|

In September 2017, the Literature Committee received requests for revisions to the Alateen Preamble, while at the same time the Associate Director—Group Services at the World Service Office initiated a similar inquiry. Concerns

Let’s Explore the “Service Manual”!

April 22, 2022|

When I joined Al‑Anon, the Service Manual did not exist in its present form. My group had a small three-ring binder in “the box” that held these four separate books—the pieces that now

The Answer Is in the “Service Manual”

March 29, 2022|

Growing up in the family disease of alcoholism affected how I communicated my needs and wants. In Al‑Anon, I’ve learned to talk to other members and reason things out with them. What a

What Is an Informed Group Conscience?

March 29, 2022|

A “group conscience” is taken when a group decision needs to be made. It can be regarding any number of things, such as changing the group name, the meeting time and place, finances,

Group, District, and Area Autonomy

March 29, 2022|

When I first came to Al‑Anon, I heard the term “autonomy” and was confused. How was I to get or give any help if I remained self-sufficient? What I soon realized was that

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