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How Am I a Link of Service?

June 13, 2019|

Many links of service together make a strong chain—not a chain of command, not a chain that tethers, but a chain that connects each of us. The links of service start with me,

Help Wanted: Referrals to Al-Anon-Friendly Professionals

May 28, 2019|

Articles by professionals are often the “tipping point” for the potential newcomer to follow through on their therapist’s/counselor’s or health care clinician’s recommendation to attend Al‑Anon. In these articles, professionals describe how they identify

Is Your Alateen Group Information Up-To-Date?

April 26, 2019|

Keeping your group information current is important so newcomers and members can find your meeting. Alateen meeting information is made available on the WSO website,, and the toll-free meeting line, as well as