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Mobile App is Coming Soon

This Mobile App marks the next evolution in Al-Anon Recovery.  Now, with just a couple taps in the app, English-, Spanish-, and French-speaking Al-Anon members and newcomers from around the world will be able to come together for Al-Anon recovery.

Features Include

• Attend Al‑Anon meetings within the App.

• Record your private thoughts/ gratitude notes in a personal journal

• Find and connect with other friends in Al‑Anon who also have accounts on the App

• Personal timeline where you can post how you are feeling, thoughts, etc. which will be available to be seen by your Al‑Anon friends on the App.

• Privately message an Al‑Anon friend on the App

• See new announcements from WSO

• Go on a virtual tour of the WSO with pins showing various points of interest

• Make Seventh Tradition contributions through the App (using Apple Pay or Google Pay)

• Subscribe to premium content.

Al-Anon Family Groups

The Official mobile app of the Al‑Anon Family Groups

pyramid of mobile phones