Employment Opportunities

Open positions to fill

Associate Director - International

Interested candidates can email their resume and cover letter to the Employee Resources Manager at HumanRes@al-anon.org no later than June 20, 2022.

We consider the employees of Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. to be our most valuable resources. We value our employees’ work, and we value our employees’ opinions. We also have the utmost confidence in each employee’s willingness to work harmoniously with one another so that, as a team, the World Service Office (WSO) will continue to provide the service and goodwill that our membership has entrusted to each of us.

There are many different types of jobs at the WSO. Some are restricted to individuals who have been an active member of Al-Anon. These positions are generally related to service positions for public outreach, literature, member services, and group services. Other positions are open to anyone, and include administrative, translator functions, customer service, shipping and warehouse duties, marketing, and digital services.

We are confident that new employees will find our organization a dynamic and rewarding place in which to work, and we look forward to a productive and successful association.

We offer competitive comprehensive benefits including medical, dental, life insurance, short and long term disability insurance, and a 401K pension plan.