Executive Committee For Real Property Management (ECRPM)


The Board of Trustees delegates to the ECRPM the oversight and management of the real property owned by Al‑Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc.

At‑Large members of the ECRPM attend bi‑annual ECRPM meetings (one is held on a weekend in June, the other on a weekend in November)

At‑Large members of the ECRPM consult with the Chairperson of the ECRPM and the Director of Finance and Operations as needed

At‑Large members of the ECRPM maintain sufficient knowledge of the operation of the property in cooperation with the Director of Finance and Operations


Must have seven years of continuous Al‑Anon and/or Alateen membership (Alateen membership does count!)

Must relinquish all Al‑Anon service positions beyond the group level during term of service

Must possess a broad view of the policies of Al‑Anon Family Groups

Cannot be an Al‑Anon member who has ever been a member of A.A.

Delegates must wait until one (1) World Service Conference has passed after their term ends before they can be considered for service in this capacity.

Process for Executive Committee for Real Property Management (ECRPM)