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So Much Support for Service

When I was first asked to consider becoming a Group Representative, I had no idea what was involved. It was the love of other members that gently guided me to further understanding, directed me towards the abundance of

I Found Hope

I remember at my first Al‑Anon meeting wanting to sit in the back and be invisible. It was a big group, over 50 people, in a church hall. The speakers were up front. I remember laughter. I could not

Proof Positive that Al‑Anon Works

Al‑Anon saved my life. It returned me to sanity, stabilized my life, and gave me serenity. Al‑Anon helped me to forgive myself. It helped me redefine my relationship with my Higher Power, whom I call God, and brought me

Responding to the Disease of Alcoholism

Accepting that alcoholism is a disease has been tough for me to grasp. I believe it’s true, but sometimes it’s hard to wrap my mind around it. The hardest part to accept is the behavior alcoholism drives. I

Welcoming Observers to Al-Anon Meetings

When groups register with the World Service Office (WSO), they are asked to indicate whether they welcome observers at their meeting. These observers may or may not be affected by someone else’s drinking; however, they may be in

Just a Teen’s Reach Away

I have been drawn to Alateen service ever since recognizing that my own struggles throughout my teen years were actually the effects of living with the disease of alcoholism. My struggle to claim my independence in the face

Living Out the Al-Anon Declaration

In my early days in Al‑Anon, I gained a deeper awareness of the impact of alcoholism on my life and relationships. Through Al‑Anon meetings, literature, and the shared experiences of fellow members, I recognized the effects of alcoholism

Recovery Is Possible

It wasn’t easy learning to take care of myself when I first started attending Al‑Anon meetings. Many tears were shed in the beginning. I was mentally and physically weak, and at times I didn’t think a better life

The First Step Was the Hardest

For me, Step One was the hardest of the Twelve Steps. Step One says, “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.” I thought I was in control, and I didn’t want to admit

The Step before the Steps

I have been in and out of Al‑Anon for at least the last 20 years. My pattern was this: A crisis would arise with one of the alcoholics in my life, and I would show up at a

How to Hold a Writing Meeting or Workshop

The Forum and all Conference Approved Literature depend on writing by Al‑Anon members. Holding an occasional writing meeting or workshop is a great way to generate sharings that can be submitted for publication. Here are some suggestions: Writing

Serving as an At-Large Committee Member

When I was invited to share my experience as a member of the Forum Editorial Advisory Committee (FEAC), I was scared, but I jumped on the opportunity to further my recovery by reflecting upon and sharing my experience, strength,

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