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Using Our Spiritual Principles

I learned the importance of using our spiritual principles in all aspects of my program through my own journey of recovery. When I was a new Group Representative, I attended my first Assembly and I did not feel

No Longer Fearful

When I got to Al‑Anon, I was fearful of my alcoholic husband—afraid of his rages, of things he might say to me, of riding in the car with him, and of the possibility he might leave me. I

The Only One I Could Change

Before Al‑Anon I was so sure I could fix both my marriage and my husband. I tried self-help books, couples counseling, and women’s shelters. I thought about Al‑Anon, but I denied that alcoholism was the whole problem. I

I Finally Decided To Get off the Roller Coaster

My husband’s and my everyday experiences together typically involved resentments, blame, arguments, and misunderstandings. The roller coaster ride went in a circle, and it seemed we could never get off. However, once I started attending Al‑Anon, I started

The Benefits of Creating a Group Email Address

With email communication, your group becomes able to send and receive time-sensitive information relevant to all group members such as: Announcements to support Al‑Anon/Alateen events, as well as A.A. events with Al‑Anon/Alateen participation that are connected to the Area.

No Substitute

Al‑Anon has turned out to be the very best thing I have ever done for myself. Although I knew that I didn’t cause the drinking, I can’t control it, and I can’t cure it, the disease of alcoholism

Sharing My Recovery with My Children

Tonight, my teenage daughters cried because their father was drinking and had an angry outburst. I hugged them, and we talked honestly about their feelings. One of my daughters felt sad and scared. My other daughter, however, was

In an Atmosphere of Unconditional Love

I remember the first few meetings I went to in Al‑Anon. I had no idea what anyone was talking about, and I felt totally lost. I came from an alcoholic family, had married an alcoholic, and had alcoholic

It Was Spectacular—Thank you!

Celebrating One Day at a Time—that’s what 4,029 Al‑Anon, Alateen, A.A. members, and their guests were doing in Baltimore, Maryland this past July. Al‑Anon’s 2018 International Convention was spectacular because of all of us. Thank you! Many thanks

Because It Was Given to Me

Several years ago, I was having severe chest pains, my blood pressure was spiking, and I had tremors. I felt like I was going to die.  So, I went to see a doctor who suggested either counseling with

I Had To Be the One To Change

I came to Al-Anon several years ago. Someone suggested that I attend meetings because I was being affected by someone I loved. At the time, I thought, when he gets better, I’ll be okay. I went to my