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Kindred Spirits

At my first Al‑Anon meeting, there were 20 women and no men, which confirmed to me that I was probably married to the only female alcoholic in the world. Yes—I was that angry, lonely, and tired. I thought,

Exactly What I Needed

When I reached the end of my rope with my alcoholic/addict son, I decided to go to an Al‑Anon meeting. That first Al‑Anon meeting was on a dark, cold, rainy night, which was how I felt at the

Finding My Way in Al-Anon

Finding My Way in Al‑Anon Over the course of a few years, my family’s life seemed to spiral out of control. Solutions I thought should work didn’t. I was worn out, and I was out of ideas.

A Spark for Service

Before starting out in Al-Anon as a volunteer in service, I occasionally would hear terms that were unfamiliar to me, such as District, Area, or Area World Service Committee (AWSC). I was told that these meetings were part

Al-Anon Changed My Life

After 9/11, my partner’s drinking increased so much that I decided to go online to find out about staging an intervention. On the A.A. website, there was a questionnaire about a loved one’s drinking. After I scored my

I Was Finally Able to Choose

When I walked into my first Al-Anon meeting, I was convinced that I had no choices about anything. I was convinced I was destined to be stuck taking care of everyone else and that love meant putting everyone

Because I Kept Coming Back

Before Al-Anon, I was not a happy camper. I was judgmental with everyone in my household. My husband had a problem with alcohol, but I didn’t know then that it is a disease. My dad died from alcoholism

Who Is Responsible for Alateen Safety?

Early on in my personal recovery, I thought that our young boys would not need to go to Alateen meetings because they would reap the benefits of the Twelve Steps by osmosis through us—and of course that would be

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