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Off the Merry-Go-Round

One recent night, I didn’t sleep well. I felt so ill that I was scared to go back to sleep. Everything in my mind went round and round. I had turned into a madwoman—screaming, swearing and threatening. I

To Myself as a Newcomer

Looking back, I realize that Al‑Anon saved my life, though at the time, I did not know my life was in danger. Seeing how far I have come makes me grateful to Al‑Anon. I was drowning in fear

We’re About to Get This Celebration Started!

Going to my first Al‑Anon International Convention was exciting, as I had never before had the opportunity to celebrate with members from around the world. The Convention this year promises to bring that same excitement that has stayed

A Flat Tire

The Serenity Prayer and The Three Cs—I did not cause it, I cannot control it and I cannot cure it—are important parts of my recovery. When I first heard them at a meeting, I felt that a huge

Steady On

Recently, I was walking my Golden Retriever and slipped on some ice that was covered by a thin layer of snow. I pulled on my dog’s leash and it steadied me. I didn't fall. It occurred to me

I Am Whole

One day, I was listening to an Al‑Anon speaker, who shed new light on me and my relationships. I had been working with my Sponsor about them and, in describing my failing relationship with my wife, he said,

Fixing Me, Not You

I thought Al‑Anon was my ticket to fix my daughter. But in return, it saved me from myself. I have found friendship, unconditional love, hope and serenity. I realize how alcoholism affected my life growing up, and I

Learning to Care for Myself

Even though my mind understood that I should not be doing for others what they could and should do for themselves, my heart could not tolerate the pain of watching them suffer. On a regular basis my heart

I Thought I Knew Everything

The crushing pain of watching our son spiral downward in his alcoholism and addiction became too much to endure. My wife and I had done all we could—detox, rehab, counseling, psychiatric care, new schools, new cars, yet the

Finding Intimacy

As a young man, I hated the month of February. I struggled with sadness and despair during this time, and though I blamed it on the weather, the real cause was my longing for intimacy. The focus on

Hope for Adult Children

I joined Alateen in Mexico in the 1980s. At the time, the majority of Al‑Anon members were wives of alcoholics. There were also numerous Al‑Anon groups called Young Al‑Anon. The members of these groups were children of alcoholics,

A Place for Adult Children of Alcoholics

I came to Al‑Anon as a young adult seeking the magic answer to prevent my husband from ever taking another drink now that he had joined Alcoholics Anonymous. I dutifully attended the meetings with him and I loved