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No Longer Accepting Unacceptable Behavior

I was very angry at my boyfriend, who was physically abusive, unfaithful, and disrespectful. He also drank a lot, used drugs, and was frequently unemployed. I spent most of my free time cleaning his apartment, cooking for him,

Gently Peeling Away the Layers

When I first came to Al‑Anon, I was hesitant to speak. My negativity and shame convinced me that I had nothing to offer the group. I would listen to other members share and compare my insides to what

Promotion or Attraction?

As the calendar turns to a new year, I reflect on where my life was before Al‑Anon and where it is now. I reflect on my good fortune to have found a place that has shown me warmth,

Rotation of Service

Many Al‑Anon service position terms last for three years. In my case, it was almost a perfect formula because by the end of three years, I felt like I finally knew what I was doing. But then it


Like alcoholism, the deer came out of nowhere. My husband and I were on the motorcycle almost home from a ride. I saw it first and yelled, “There’s a deer!” and then bam the deer broad-sided our motorcycle.

Out of the Emptiness and into Fulfillment

One day I woke up and discovered that my 25-year marriage was empty. I found myself feeling the most empty and lonely when I realized I was trying to love someone who was no longer there. I wondered,

Moving On

I remember the pain of dealing with my alcoholic partner in the area of intimacy. Even though he was right next to me, I was alone and aching for human touch, warmth, and affection. Months would go by,

The Gifts I Have Received

When I came to my first Al‑Anon meeting, I did not come to get my mother well. I knew I was a mess. I knew, too, that there was something very wrong with my family, but I couldn’t

I Was Welcomed with Open Arms

When I walked into my first Al‑Anon meeting, the room was filled only with women enthusiastically chatting with one another. As a man, I asked if the meeting was for women only. The response was welcoming, cheerful, and

Al-Anon Threw Me a Lifeline

I had just given birth to my first child—a beautiful baby girl—and I thought all my problems were going to disappear. I thought I was going to be the perfect mother and wife, and I was going to

Just as Sick as the Alcoholic

I heard about Al‑Anon many years ago when my therapist suggested I attend to help with my alcoholic husband. I had lived with the disease with my father, and now I found myself in its clutches again. I