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It Doesn’t Make It So

Before Alateen, I could never forgive the people who hurt me. I could hold grudges like I could hold a feather—easily. Resentment is a bad habit I couldn’t seem to break. If you hurt me, I was going

I Awakened to My Own Life

I always felt that I was a loving person, but I often lived life by reacting, instead of responding. I wondered why I could not change the alcoholic, so I tried harder. I made sure that the house

Elephant in the Room

Many years ago, a friend of mine went to dinner with my husband and me. As we walked to our car afterward, she asked me “Does he always drink like that?” I said with a plastered smile and

Putting the Focus Where It Belongs

When I came to Al‑Anon, I thought the purpose was to focus on the alcoholic. After all, I thought that he was the one with the problems, the one making my life unbearable. I never thought that I

Al-Anon’s First Contact

In May of 1951, the first letter to the Al‑Anon Family Groups was written by Lois W. and Anne B. Below is a copy of the original correspondence. More information and interesting discussion questions specific to this documentation

Doing for Me…

Upon leaving the World Service Conference my very first year as a Delegate, I felt a sense of gratitude and humility beyond description. Growing up in the family disease of alcoholism, I had never experienced such a consistent

I Was Finally Able to Be Me

As my husband’s drinking got worse, I found myself drifting away from my friends because I didn't want them to see what was going on. I stopped inviting people to the house because I wasn't sure what mood

Why I Need a Home Group

I learned many new things in my first year attending Al‑Anon. One of the most important was to find a home group. It should have been easy. I was a single college student living alone, so I had

Reclaiming My Life

When I first walked into Al‑Anon, I couldn’t speak. I only cried. My life was unmanageable. What I was doing wasn’t working, and I was in complete denial. I was yelling, crying and pouring liquor down the drain.

Off the Merry-Go-Round

One recent night, I didn’t sleep well. I felt so ill that I was scared to go back to sleep. Everything in my mind went round and round. I had turned into a madwoman—screaming, swearing and threatening. I