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A Precious Gift

I recently received a letter from my oldest stepdaughter. I was very surprised by her heart-felt thoughts and feelings about our relationship over the years. She was eight years old when I married her father. She has a

Removing My Rose-Tinted Glasses

When I broke up with my first boyfriend after five years together, my mother arrived to move me back home. On our 12-hour drive, we would go hours at a time not speaking as I silently cried. Once,

Alateen Preamble, Revised at Last!

In September 2017, the Literature Committee received requests for revisions to the Alateen Preamble, while at the same time the Associate Director—Group Services at the World Service Office initiated a similar inquiry. Concerns were that the existing Preamble

Let’s Explore the “Service Manual”!

When I joined Al‑Anon, the Service Manual did not exist in its present form. My group had a small three-ring binder in “the box” that held these four separate books—the pieces that now comprise the Service Manual—together in

This Must Be Serenity!

From as far back as I can remember, I lived with constant anxiety. As a person affected by the family disease of alcoholism, I worried about everything and lived in a constant state of fear. I chewed my

A New Way of Thinking

Alcoholism first affected me late in life. When my adult daughter started attending A.A. meetings, one of the members there suggested I attend Al‑Anon. I was so anxious to “help” her that I soon found a meeting. At

Neither Blame nor Credit

As the mother of an alcoholic adult daughter, I carried the guilt of “if only….” If only I had raised her differently, spoken differently to her, given her more attention, more structure, or less structure, I could have

What Is an Informed Group Conscience?

A “group conscience” is taken when a group decision needs to be made. It can be regarding any number of things, such as changing the group name, the meeting time and place, finances, or any other decision. Some

Group, District, and Area Autonomy

When I first came to Al‑Anon, I heard the term “autonomy” and was confused. How was I to get or give any help if I remained self-sufficient? What I soon realized was that my definition of autonomy was

25 Years—Don’t They Go by in a Blink

This April at the 2022 World Service Conference (WSC) meeting in New York, an exceptional trusted servant in national and international Al‑Anon service, Marsha W., will stand for the last time at the microphone as a World Service

A Saner, More Serene Life

After 28 years of marriage to my alcoholic husband, I finally reached the point of being so emotionally unhealthy that I went to my first Al‑Anon meeting. I sobbed for three months straight, but I didn’t miss a

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