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Dealing with Feelings

In the past, feelings ruled my life. If anyone displayed an emotion, I quickly absorbed it as my own. Once triggered, I found it difficult to let go of anger and fear. Then, as if this were not

I’ll Keep Coming Back

I have been in Al‑Anon for a little over 20 years, and I keep coming back because of the transparency and honesty in these rooms. Nowhere else in my life do I find people who are willing to

This Is My Story

“I am so grateful to have the program to pull out and use in any situation.” I lived with my parents until I was five. When they divorced, I went to live with my grandparents. I was so

I Don’t Have To Participate in the Drama

I could have written a novel about what alcoholism and addiction did to me and those around me, but today my novel would be completely different. Working the Al‑Anon program helped me move past the anger, bitterness and

Al-Anon Saved My Life

I knew at that moment that neither he nor any man would ever lay a harmful hand on me again. I had only been in Al‑Anon for three months and already my sense of self-worth had grown so much.