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Sometimes Miracles Happen

I am the oldest child of two alcoholics. That statement tells you a lot about some of the ways the family disease of alcoholism shows up in my life—controlling, caretaking, and people-pleasing being at the top of the

Why I Serve Alateen

Shortly after the World Service Conference adopted the initial Alateen Safety and Behavioral Requirements policy, I attended an Area Assembly where I heard about what it took to become a certified Al‑Anon Member Involved in Alateen Service (AMIAS).

Facing in the Right Direction

I was suicidal when I arrived at my first Al‑Anon meeting. My all-or-nothing thinking had me boxed into only one answer for the pain I was experiencing. I saw no other way out. As I’ve said many times

Dancing in the Rain

My journey toward the spiritual life I’ve found in Al‑Anon began when I was a young child growing up in an alcoholic family. But I didn’t start down this road to recovery until halfway through my life, when

A Valentine for My Dad

One of the gifts of Al‑Anon, for me, has been that I’ve gained the ability to see my loved ones who suffer from alcoholism with “new eyes”—to see their positive qualities, not just their defects. My father was one

A Welcoming Tradition

Attracting and welcoming newcomers to Al‑Anon is so important. We have all experienced our first Al‑Anon meeting: the nervousness, frustration, embarrassment, and annoyance. My first recollection is being put at ease as soon as I entered the room.

How I Can Help My Children

When I first walked into an Al‑Anon meeting, there was a member at the door who smiled and offered me a hug. I felt so welcome. After they opened the meeting by reading from The Twelve Steps and

I Can’t Do This Alone Anymore

It was a normal, nice day. Things seemed to be going so well—until it happened. Not again! I thought. This time, I called my husband, crying, feeling so overwhelmed, lost, and confused. Part of me was so angry,

Happiness Is Here and Now

I came to Al‑Anon years ago looking for tips on how to fix my alcoholic husband. I got a big surprise when you told me that I could only fix me. I am so glad that I stayed

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