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Why I Need a Home Group

I learned many new things in my first year attending Al‑Anon. One of the most important was to find a home group. It should have been easy. I was a single college student living alone, so I had

Reclaiming My Life

When I first walked into Al‑Anon, I couldn’t speak. I only cried. My life was unmanageable. What I was doing wasn’t working, and I was in complete denial. I was yelling, crying and pouring liquor down the drain.

Off the Merry-Go-Round

One recent night, I didn’t sleep well. I felt so ill that I was scared to go back to sleep. Everything in my mind went round and round. I had turned into a madwoman—screaming, swearing and threatening. I

To Myself as a Newcomer

Looking back, I realize that Al‑Anon saved my life, though at the time, I did not know my life was in danger. Seeing how far I have come makes me grateful to Al‑Anon. I was drowning in fear

We’re About to Get This Celebration Started!

Going to my first Al‑Anon International Convention was exciting, as I had never before had the opportunity to celebrate with members from around the world. The Convention this year promises to bring that same excitement that has stayed

A Flat Tire

The Serenity Prayer and The Three Cs—I did not cause it, I cannot control it and I cannot cure it—are important parts of my recovery. When I first heard them at a meeting, I felt that a huge

Steady On

Recently, I was walking my Golden Retriever and slipped on some ice that was covered by a thin layer of snow. I pulled on my dog’s leash and it steadied me. I didn't fall. It occurred to me

I Am Whole

One day, I was listening to an Al‑Anon speaker, who shed new light on me and my relationships. I had been working with my Sponsor about them and, in describing my failing relationship with my wife, he said,

Fixing Me, Not You

I thought Al‑Anon was my ticket to fix my daughter. But in return, it saved me from myself. I have found friendship, unconditional love, hope and serenity. I realize how alcoholism affected my life growing up, and I

Learning to Care for Myself

Even though my mind understood that I should not be doing for others what they could and should do for themselves, my heart could not tolerate the pain of watching them suffer. On a regular basis my heart

I Thought I Knew Everything

The crushing pain of watching our son spiral downward in his alcoholism and addiction became too much to endure. My wife and I had done all we could—detox, rehab, counseling, psychiatric care, new schools, new cars, yet the