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The Forum’s Unsung Heroes: The FEAC

Readers of The Forum often ask how the decision to publish an article is made and by whom. And, while there are a number of people who work to produce the magazine every month, one of the most

Welcoming Change—AFA 2019

I like consistency in my life. I don’t like surprises, such as when a favorite store of mine closes or when a nice neighbor moves away. However, my Al‑Anon recovery helps me to recognize that change brings new

Right Where I Belong

The first Al‑Anon meeting I attended was not for me—or so I thought. I was accompanying a friend who was looking for answers about her alcoholic loved one. I was immediately welcomed by the women and men there,

No Longer in Anger

Truth was hard to come by in my family. Growing up with a disabled and moody dad with chronic pain and lots of health problems was not the easiest experience for a young kid. What made it worse

I Found Support in That Room

I met the alcoholic in my life through online dating. Though I felt that I was okay with social drinking, I learned that there is no such thing as social drinking to an alcoholic. My partner was in

I No Longer Feel Like I Am Drowning

My dad has always been a drinker, but it always seemed bearable when I was growing up. Throughout elementary and middle school, I did not even realize he was an alcoholic. I thought all parents drank as much

I Could Finally Say It Out Loud

My life was already in a state of emergency when I first heard about Al‑Anon. I didn’t understand what Al‑Anon was; I just knew that I needed help. My first meeting was daunting. I was very reserved after

I Desperately Needed a Life Preserver

A number of years ago, I finally took the step to walk into a drug and alcohol counselor’s office. By the time I reached that office, it felt like I was gasping for air, drowning in a rowboat

Climbing My Way out of the Hurt

I grew up in a home filled with violence, drug addiction, alcoholism, abuse, and neglect. I was so confused. I even needed someone to teach me the basics of hygiene, but there was no one. By the time

Letting Go of My Shame

I finally came into Al‑Anon after my second divorce was finalized. I had lost myself in trying to be who I thought my husband wanted me to be, and I was not sure what was wrong with me.