The Current Mailing Address (CMA) for the group is a crucial link between the group and World Service Office (WSO) information. The CMA ensures that the group promptly receives all time-sensitive postal and electronic communications from the WSO and local service arms and shares the content with the group members. The CMA may be but does not have to be the Group Representative or another group officer.

Communications the CMA receives from the WSO include:

  • In The Loop, the WSO email newsletter;
  • the Quarterly Appeal letters, which provide members the opportunity to support Al‑Anon Family Groups worldwide by contributing directly to the WSO; and
  • an Annual Update Sheet listing the current group information on file with the WSO for verification, so that anyone seeking Al‑Anon’s help can find your meeting.

Groups can submit an Al‑Anon Group Records Change Form online to update the CMA information and avoid interruption of service.

The Forum, February 2024

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