A Vital Aspect of Self-Support


When I first joined Al‑Anon, I thought the Seventh Tradition of self-support only related to individual groups and the donations collected when the basket was passed. I have

A Spark of Light


When I entered the rooms of Al‑Anon years ago I felt like a frightened little girl. I gathered the courage to walk into the rooms by first listening

Outreach to the Public/Media


Outreach to the Public/Media Newspapers, television, radio, and the World Wide Web are all means of carrying the Al-Anon/Alateen message to families and friends of alcoholics. Through public



This is a series of podcasts recorded as a quick "Introduction to Al‑Anon Meetings."

Did we cause our loved one to drink?


"Introduction of Al-Anon Meeting" podcasts: 2) Did we cause our loved one to drink? If we are not the ones with the drinking problem, why are we talking

Alcoholic Parent


Did You Grow Up Living With an Alcoholic? Are You a Teenager Living With an Alcoholic? One in four children under age 18 in the United States

First Al-Anon meeting expectations


Ann, Linda and Betty, all active Al-Anon members, discuss what they expected to find at their first Al-Anon meeting? How to locate an Al-Anon meeting Please select from

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