Lois’s Story and Lois W. & the Pioneers Are Now Streaming

The historical films, Lois’s Story (AV‑1) and Lois W. & the Pioneers (AV‑24) are now available for rent online.  The cost for each film will continue to be $25, which will grant access to the film for a period of 7 days. The WSO will also continue to maintain its library of DVDs available for rent.

Cover of Lois Story film

A truly beautiful and moving film that every Al‑Anon member should see. Lois’ Story tells about the early days of AA and Al‑Anon — how Lois and Bill W., against tremendous odds, built the two fellowships that now bring strength and home to alcoholics and their friends and families throughout the world.

This is the exciting story of the frustrations and triumphs of two people who paved the way to a better life for millions of others.

The film was produced at the recommendation of the 1971 Al‑Anon World Service Conference. The generous contributions of many groups helped make this project possible.

Al‑Anon’s cofounder, Lois W., met with Henrietta S., first General Secretary of the Al‑Anon Family Group Headquarters, and Margaret D., first Editor of The Forum, in June 1982. Their recollections rekindle the spirit of commitment of our pioneer members in Al‑Anon’s formative days.

Lois, Henrietta, and Margaret share on a variety of subjects, including Bill W.’s support and encouragement; how Al‑Anon got its name; humorous anecdotes about the working conditions at Al‑Anon’s early offices; helping newcomers find meetings; The Forum; the formation of Alateen; the growth of Al‑Anon internationally; and the establishment of the World Service Conference. There is a timeless message for newcomers and longtime members alike about love and service.