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FAQ About Al-Anon’s History

When did the A.A. Family Groups begin using the name Al-Anon?2019-01-30T08:14:20-05:00

In May of 1951, Anne B. and Lois W. wrote a letter to the original 87 A.A. Family Groups (including some Lone Members). One of the questions asked, “Do you approve of the name A.A. Family Group? If not, what do you suggest?” By March of 1952, the members selected the name Al-Anon Family Groups.

What does the name Al-Anon mean?2019-01-30T08:14:20-05:00

The word “Al-Anon” is simply a derivative of Alcoholics Anonymous, combining the first syllables of each word

Which day in May of 1951 did Al-Anon begin?2019-01-30T08:14:20-05:00

The first letter is dated “May 1951” and the entire month is traditionally recognized as Al-Anon’s anniversary

When and in which state did Alateen groups begin?2019-01-30T08:14:21-05:00

Alateen groups were started in September of 1957, in Pasadena, California

When and where was the first World Service Conference (WSC) held?2019-01-30T08:14:21-05:00

The first World Service Conference was held on April 20-23, 1961 in New York City, NY at the George Washington Hotel.

Is the Al-Anon logo approved by the Conference?2019-01-30T08:14:21-05:00

The circle within the triangle was approved at the 1968 World Service Conference.

Are Anne B. and Annie S. the same person?2019-01-30T08:14:21-05:00

No. Anne B. is the cofounder of Al-Anon. Annie S. is the wife of Dr. Bob, who is the cofounder of A.A. Annie S. passed away in 1949 before the Al-Anon clearing house was founded.

How does my Al-Anon group find out our World Service Office registration date?2019-01-30T08:14:22-05:00

Printouts with registration dates are sent to either the area delegates or group records coordinators twice a year. Many Al-Anon information service offices retain these printouts and are able to provide you with an answer. If your area is unable to locate the information, ask your Archives Coordinator to contact Group Records at the WSO.

Where can I find the history of Al-Anon in Conference Approved Literature?2019-01-30T08:14:22-05:00
  • Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual (P-24/27)
  • Alateen—Hope for Children of Alcoholics (B-3), pages 105-116
  • How Al-Anon Works for Families & Friends of Alcoholics (B-22), pages 141-149 and “Lois’s Story,” page 152
  • The Al-Anon Family Groups—Classic Edition (B-5), page 12 and entire text
  • Lois Remembers (B-7), Entire text and timeline on page 197
  • Al-Anon’s Cofounders (P-87)
  • Anne’s Story: Cofounder of Al-Anon Family Groups (P-66) – Out of Print
  • Lois’ Story – Videocassette (AV-1) – Rental Only
  • Lois W. and the Pioneers – Videocassette (AV-24) – Rental Only
  • Al-Anon: Then and Now (a brief history) (AR-2)
What was the name of Al-Anon’s first book and when was it first printed?2019-01-30T08:14:22-05:00

The Al-Anon Family Groups published in 1955. The original text was reprinted in 2000 and is available by ordering The Al-Anon Family Groups—Classic Edition (B-5).

Who wrote the One Day at a Time (B-6) daily reader and when was it first published?2019-01-30T08:14:22-05:00

Alice B., an Al-Anon member, spoke with many pioneers who shared their experience, strength and hope to provide the fundamental principles for this work. The first publication was in 1968.

Are there any historical A.A. events listed in Al-Anon literature?2019-01-30T08:14:23-05:00

A few historical events of A.A. are listed in the timeline in Lois Remembers (B-7).

What is the name of the first on-line Al-Anon meeting registered at the WSO?2019-01-30T08:14:23-05:00

On June 18, 1996, CYBERSERENITY@LISTS.BEST.COM was the first meeting to appear in our database. (Please visit Online Meeting page for current listings)

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