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Promotion or Attraction?

January 3, 2020|

As the calendar turns to a new year, I reflect on where my life was before Al‑Anon and where it is now. I reflect on my good fortune to have found a place

Rotation of Service

January 3, 2020|

Many Al‑Anon service position terms last for three years. In my case, it was almost a perfect formula because by the end of three years, I felt like I finally knew what I

The Gifts I Have Received

December 2, 2019|

When I came to my first Al‑Anon meeting, I did not come to get my mother well. I knew I was a mess. I knew, too, that there was something very wrong with

Through to the Other Side

November 5, 2019|

Prior to attending my first Al‑Anon meeting, I often wondered why things happen the way they do. Why do I always seem to be digging myself out of one mess or another? I

Does Al-Anon Have “Promises”?

November 5, 2019|

Al-Anon does not list anything in our literature as “The Promises” or “The Gifts” because the World Service Conference, Al-Anon’s largest representative group conscience, has not designated anything as such. From as early

See You in Detroit!

November 5, 2019|

Online registration for the 2020 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) with Al‑Anon participation is open. The Convention will be held July 2–5, 2020 in Detroit, Michigan with the theme “Love and Tolerance