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Terms Used in Al-Anon Service

World Service Conference (WSC)—Al‑Anon’s annual business meeting, attended by all Delegates from the World Service Con­ference Structure; representatives from other countries; members of the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee; and the [World

July 31, 2018|

Finding a Meeting Is Just a Click Away!

On the new WSO website,, you can find Al‑Anon and Alateen meetings throughout the world, online and on the phone on the “Al‑Anon Meetings” menu. “Find an Al‑Anon Meeting” and “Find an

July 31, 2018|

Back to the ODAT

When I came into Al‑Anon, I did so not for the reason often heard at meetings—an alcoholic spouse or partner whose drinking negatively affected me. Instead, I came because I knew I was

July 31, 2018|

Al-Anon’s PSA Relaunch Campaign Is Underway!

Two of Al-Anon’s PSAs that had the most airplays, “Jack” and “Samantha,” are being redistributed to television and radio stations throughout the US and Canada. Would you be willing to contact the stations

July 17, 2018|

Road Trip! 2019—You and Your Board Connect!

Road Trip! Is an interactive day with presentations, personal sharings, round table discussions, and most importantly—fellowship.  The Board provides the program; you provide the location. Area Delegates can obtain a digital copy of

July 17, 2018|

Terms Used in Al-Anon Service

District Meeting—A meeting of [Group Representatives (GRs)], held as necessary in a central location within a District, to elect a District Representative, to hear his reports and to discuss District matters. District Representative

June 29, 2018|

News from the 2018 World Service Conference

Al‑Anon’s largest representative group conscience, the World Service Conference (WSC), met in West Harrison, New York, April 16-20. The Conference theme was “Al‑Anon—There Is No Standing Still!” It was Al‑Anon’s 58th annual Conference,

June 13, 2018|

It’s Not Too Late to Register!

The registration fee is $195. Onsite registration will be available. Already registered? Badges (including information regarding the Language of Love Parade) will be available at the Welcome desk when you arrive. Still need

May 31, 2018|