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Help Wanted: Referrals to Al-Anon-Friendly Professionals

May 28, 2019|

Articles by professionals are often the “tipping point” for the potential newcomer to follow through on their therapist’s/counselor’s or health care clinician’s recommendation to attend Al‑Anon. In these articles, professionals describe how they identify

Is Your Alateen Group Information Up-To-Date?

April 26, 2019|

Keeping your group information current is important so newcomers and members can find your meeting. Alateen meeting information is made available on the WSO website,, and the toll-free meeting line, as well as

“AFA” Magazine Now Shipped All Year!

April 26, 2019|

The change in ordering process will help members distribute the magazines throughout the year. It will also make it possible for members to replenish supplies left at offices of professionals, libraries, and public places. And,

Al-Anon Around the World

April 26, 2019|

The 19th International Al‑Anon General Services Meeting (IAGSM) opened on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at the Holiday Inn in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Representatives from 16 structures were welcomed warmly by Rosie M., Chairperson of