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Walking through the Doors of Al-Anon…

April 26, 2021|

When I walked through the doors of Al‑Anon, back in 1988, I came because I was looking for someone to tell me how to keep the alcoholic in my life from drinking. After

Climbing the IAGSM Mountain

March 19, 2021|

The following sharing was contributed by a member from South Africa who served for the first time as a Delegate to the International Al‑Anon General Services Meeting (IAGSM). This is a biennial meeting

WSO Director of Programs Job Posting

March 1, 2021|

The Introduction in Paths to Recovery—Al-Anon’s Steps, Traditions, and Concepts (B-24) describes the criticality of all three Legacies—as represented by the Al-Anon logo—in supporting Al-Anon members worldwide to live joyful, serene lives: “All

March Forth into Service

February 18, 2021|

Al‑Anon Family Groups’ cofounder, Lois W., would be celebrating her 130th birthday on March 4, 2021. One of her familiar quotations is, “It takes only one person to start something, but many others

An Al-Anon Adult Child Finds Her Way

January 22, 2021|

I didn’t know when I walked into my first Al‑Anon meeting what was wrong with me. I felt hopeless—not from my inability to solve an alcoholic’s problem, but from failing to solve my own

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