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How Al-Anon Supports Alateen

January 29, 2019|

Members often ask, “Can Al‑Anon support Alateen?” And the answer is yes…absolutely! Alateen is an integral part of Al‑Anon, and support can be offered in so many ways. A few years after I

Using Our Spiritual Principles

January 29, 2019|

I learned the importance of using our spiritual principles in all aspects of my program through my own journey of recovery. When I was a new Group Representative, I attended my first Assembly

How Al-Anon Members and Groups Can Support Alateen

January 28, 2019|

Consider having a discussion in your Al‑Anon meetings on the following topics: Reaching out to local Alateen Group Sponsors or Alateen members to inquire if they have sufficient Conference Approved Literature (CAL) to

Step Up and Share for Our Next Daily Reader

January 16, 2019|

Our three Legacies—recovery through the Steps, unity through the Traditions, and service through the Concepts—provide the foundation for the Al‑Anon program. Please help our NEW DAILY READER (working title) be the first to

Check out the newly redesigned “Alateen Talk”!

January 4, 2019|

Alateen members share their experience, strength, and hope in Alateen Talk. Their sharings relate to their personal lives and how Alateen helps them. This newsletter is published quarterly in English and is a

What’s Your Story?

January 4, 2019|

Dear Forum readers, your sharings about your journey of recovery from the effects of the disease of alcoholism are needed! Previously titled “My Story,” these Forum sharings focus on what brought you to

The Benefits of Creating a Group Email Address

January 4, 2019|

With email communication, your group becomes able to send and receive time-sensitive information relevant to all group members such as: Announcements to support Al‑Anon/Alateen events, as well as A.A. events with Al‑Anon/Alateen participation that