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Use of Drug Addiction in Public Outreach Materials

September 11, 2019|

We are all messengers of Al-Anon’s purpose and have the responsibility to accurately communicate it to avoid confusion, misperception, or dilution of our program. The 2018 Membership Survey states “35% of the members

Reach Out to Newcomers with an AFA Sharing

August 27, 2019|

Your story can help a potential newcomer shift their thinking from, “Maybe there is a problem,” to, “I need help because there is too much drinking.” A story for families of alcoholics can be

Maintain Your Anonymity on Social Media

August 27, 2019|

According to social media research, nearly 3.5 billion people now use social media and are spending an average of nearly 2.5 hours every day on social networks. With stats like those, it’s no

WSO’s Annual Report Is Now Trilingual!

August 19, 2019|

As part of the AFG, Inc. Strategic Plan’s 2019 Member Strategy to enhance trilingual communication, the Staff is excited to provide you with the 2018 World Service Office Annual Report in English, Spanish,

What’s Al-Anon?

August 16, 2019|

The name Al-Anon is often confusing to the public, professionals, and families of alcoholics. They usually ask: “I’ve heard of A.A., but what is Al-Anon?” and, “Does it help?” The Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism

New Al-Anon PSA Campaign Is Underway

August 9, 2019|

The WSO is pleased to announce the release of the new 2019–2020 Al‑Anon Public Service Announcements (PSAs). The new campaign features two different scenarios that introduce Al‑Anon Family Groups to the general public,