Al‑Anon members across the globe practice the Seventh Tradition in some very special ways—in addition to financial contributions. Yes, the World Service Office (WSO) regularly receives Seventh Tradition contributions from throughout our worldwide fellowship of Al‑Anon and Alateen!

 Members from international service structures also contribute by offering their valuable interpretation skills during regularly scheduled meetings with WSO Staff, which often include members who do not speak English. When this is the case, a multilingual member from the country with whom we are meeting steps up and translates for their non-English-speaking members as well as for the WSO Staff, so that together we can support the international growth of Al‑Anon and Alateen.

As more international structures seek to translate Conference Approved Literature (CAL) into their native language, members from those countries volunteer to translate pieces of CAL. International members also contribute their time and talent to supporting Al‑Anon Family Groups by serving as Independent Reviewers of newly translated CAL.

We’re truly grateful for this “we” program and the many ways members throughout the world participate in the Seventh Tradition. Without those valuable and unique contributions, we would not have nearly as much wonderful CAL in so many beautiful languages!

In The Loop, December 2023