I found my way to Al‑Anon when I accepted that my life was uncontrollable because of my loved ones’ abuse of drugs and alcohol, and it changed my life in so many positive ways. Perhaps the most helpful idea I heard is to stay in the present and live “One Day at a Time.” I always wanted to be in control, and I have found that I cannot control the actions of the alcoholics in my life. Trying to do so alters my ability to think straight and function in order to carry on a normal life.

I found the readings and other resources available through Al‑Anon have helped me deal with my situation better because I now know I can’t control or cure their disease. This allows me to focus more on my needs and my own serenity. Another idea that has helped me is that if I am depressed, I am focusing on the past, and if I am anxious, I am focusing too much on the future. This was my aha moment and if I remind myself to live day by day and be grateful for the smaller things, I can get through any troubles that come my way.

By Dan A., Rhode Island

The Forum, July 2020