I have had low self-esteem for a long time. My alcoholic ex-husband constantly put me down, abused me, told me I was not good enough, and demeaned me. Why did I allow it? I guess I thought I deserved it and was afraid to fight back. I felt I had to keep the family together, but in staying in that marriage, I damaged the self-esteem of myself and my children. However, Al‑Anon was my saving grace. There, I learned not to let anyone put me down. I learned that, if I do, it is my fault for taking it. I will not be a victim anymore. If I get confronted or put down, I just respond by saying, “I am sorry you feel that way, but this is me and I like myself.” I still have progress to make on this journey to self-worth and self-esteem, but there is hope in this program where there is no judgment and where I find understanding and loving new friends.

By Barbara H., Florida

The Forum, September 2019