I wonder what you have in store for me, for us, in 2022?!

As an Al‑Anon member, I always feel renewed hope as January dawns. Hope inspires me to action, so I recommit to my daily routine of prayer and meditation to improve my conscious contact with God as I understand Him. I reflect on my year-end inventory, make amends, and adjust my behaviors. I make certain my Al‑Anon meetings, as well as meetings with my Sponsor and those whom I sponsor, are all blocked on my calendar.

The new year also gives me an opportunity to exercise that “all-important attribute of vision,” as described in Concept Nine. I take the time to exercise my “capability for foresight” to create thoughtful estimates about my career, family life, and financial future. I think about how I can create opportunities to experiment, evaluate, and make critical decisions about these plans throughout the coming year. And as I have learned through the program, I offer myself permission to make different choices or even start over again as I become more informed.

This process is similar to the one that occurs annually at the World Service Office (WSO). Each January marks the kickoff of new Strategies projects. Strategies are developed by Staff to advance the Al‑Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives prioritized by the Board of Trustees. They are similar to my personal plans; for instance, my savings strategies for 2022 are developed to advance our family’s long-term financial goals.

Over the last several years, since the Strategic Plan was substantially updated in July 2018, this process has led to many improvements in WSO service to the fellowship. We developed, released, and improved the Al‑Anon Family Groups Mobile App. We improved our ability to achieve unity across our trilingual fellowship by permanently incorporating interpretation at the World Service Conference and upgrading our online store, to name just a few.

The Strategic Plan Strategies development and execution process we follow each year, at its core, follows the simple and yet profound guidance laid out by Bill W. in his 1959 “Leadership” essay, which can be found in the Al‑Anon/Alateen Service Manual (P-24/27). Staff make thoughtful proposals and seek Board approval to try them. Then, through shared leadership, we ask ourselves whether our proposals are working well, and we adapt. In 2021, this evaluation process extended beyond Strategies development to a review of the Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives themselves. Information about the updated Strategic Plan will be shared through the links of service.

I am grateful today to have this simple template for estimating the future that I can apply to my personal life and at the WSO. Combining this tool with the “valuable principle of ‘One Day at a Time’” has allowed me to follow my Higher Power’s guidance to a life beyond my imagination.

So Happy New Year, 2022! “Just for Today,” I’m ready!

By Vali F., Executive Director

The Forum, January 2022