• The Forum is one of Al-Anon’s best-kept secrets. Some members don’t know about it, and even some Group Representatives don’t know that, in addition to the other services they perform, they serve as local representatives of the magazine to their groups. Encouraging a group subscription, helps members learn about this valuable recovery tool.
  • The Forum offers great meeting topics. Whether members read articles aloud at random or choose one and discuss the ideas within, a lively and helpful discussion is likely to ensue.
  • Each issue includes articles from a wide range of perspectives—from adult children, spouses, friends, grandparents, and more. There is something relatable for everyone.
  • The Forum is a great resource for newcomers. Whereas Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism is aimed at reaching people who have never been to a meeting, The Forum can give newcomers a meeting between meetings.
  • At $11 US per year (including shipping), a Forum subscription is the best gift your group can give itself!
The Forum Magazine