This book suggests living “One Day at a Time”, and the ways in which we may find in each day a measure of comfort, serenity, and a sense of achievement.

It discourages dwelling on past errors and disappointments; it visualizes the future only as a series of new days, each a fresh opportunity for self‑realization and growth.

Today is only a small manageable segment of time in which our difficulties need not overwhelm us. This lifts from our hearts and minds the heavy weight of both past and future.

The Al‑Anon fellowship embraces people of many lands, creeds, and customs. These daily messages are intended for all people, all ways of life. Although the Al‑Anon member is frequently referred to as “she,” there are men and women in most Al‑Anon groups.

Asterisks (*) refer the reader to the Appendix on page 374 where quotations from copyrighted books are identified. Unidentified quotations are from members of the Al‑Anon fellowship. Some asterisks (*) may also refer readers to Al‑Anon publications or wording no longer in print.

January 1

This year is a book of clean blank pages on which I will write a record of my experiences and my growth through the daily use of the Al‑Anon idea. I turned to Al‑Anon as a last resort because I was living with a problem that was too much for me. I know I can deal with this problem through applying Al‑Anon to myself, to my thoughts and my actions, every day. If I allow myself to be influenced by what the alcoholic says and does, it will make blots and smears on the pages of my year. This I will try to avoid at all costs.

Today’s Reminder

I can live my life only one day at a time. Perhaps my confusion and despair are so great that I will have to take it one hour at a time, or one minute at a time, reminding myself constantly that I have authority over no life but my own. “Realizing that nothing can hurt me while I lean upon my Higher Power, I ask to be guided through the hours and minutes of each day. Let me remind myself to bring every problem to Him for I know He will show me the way I must go.”