After my application, I was voted in as the second IAGSM Delegate for my Structure in Germany. I was very excited to prepare and plan for my first meeting in Rome in 2016. The timeline to finish the preparation for our session was very short, and we had to put in some extra time to get everything done.

In Rome, everything seemed to be structured and well organized. I was very excited when we put our little flags on a world map, and was also impressed that there were members from every corner of the world! We came from different cultures, countries, and beliefs, yet still, there we were with one thing in common—being affected by the family disease of alcoholism.

Another thing that bound us was our commitment to doing service and giving back to Al‑Anon as a whole. That was noticeable, even tangible, in every interchange during breaks, before and after each session, but also during every session. It was a gift to be part of the worldwide fellowship—not just to read about it, but to really experience and feel it.

The topics we presented and discussed were informative. I was surprised how, like in the disease, we have the same challenges, but can share different experiences about them. I definitely got my bucket full to take back to my Structure—experience, strength, and hope plus lots of insights.

By Edith H., IAGSM Delegate, Germany

The Forum, October 2020

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