I felt lonely, isolated and trapped. I had thoughts going around in my head that nobody could possibly understand. I felt depressed and in a state of panic at the same time. I really needed support.

In the previous ten years I went through an overload of family secrets that affected every member of my family. Overwhelmed with decisions that I needed to make, I sought out counseling, but I needed something more.

Fortunately, I felt drawn to Al‑Anon. I went to a meeting terrified, where I sat, listened and cried. I cried in hope—because these people had stories that sounded a lot like mine. I cried because maybe, just maybe I was not alone. Maybe in Al-Anon I could have a voice and a safe place to speak.

“Just keep coming back,” they said! I have kept coming back for six months now. I’m still new to it all—but I plan on continuing with Al-Anon.

By Anonymous
Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism 2019