What does “conceptually approved” mean? 

Once the World Service Conference thoroughly discusses an idea for a new piece of literature and the motion carries, it grants approval for the idea to be developed. It then delegates development of the piece to the Literature Committee and the World Service Office (WSO). Approval of the completed piece, which changes its status from “conceptually approved” to Conference Approved Literature, is given by the Literature Committee, the Director of Programs, the Policy Review Task Force, and the Executive Director. 


What does “Conference approved as a concept” mean? 

Due to The Forum magazine’s production schedule, it is not possible for each issue to follow the full procedure for Conference Approved Literature. However, the idea, or concept, of The Forum has been Conference approved, and its use by all Al‑Anon members and by groups for meetings is encouraged. Sharings that appear in The Forum have been reviewed for their fidelity to the Al‑Anon program and principles by the Forum Editorial Advisory Committee and WSO Staff members. 

The Forum, April 2023

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