I have not missed the irony that the same place where I dropped my daughter off for preschool 14 years ago is now the place where I attend Al-Anon meetings because of her drinking. I remember the first day I dropped her off at preschool. She was sobbing uncontrollably, and it pained me to leave her that way. I called my mom, crying. “I’m not sure why I am crying too,” I said. She told me it was because I was entrusting my child to someone else’s care.

My daughter cried every day at preschool drop-off for the first month. Leaving her that way was such a difficult thing to do, but I knew it was essential to her learning and growth. I also knew she was in a safe place. Eventually the tears stopped—both hers and mine—and instead of feeling the anguish of leaving her, I witnessed the excitement she had when I came to pick her up and she understood that I would always be waiting for her with open arms.

We are in a similar process now. It pains me to see her in her current condition, but I am entrusting her to my Higher Power’s care. I know that it is essential, not only to her learning and growth, but also to mine. When she is ready and wants my help, I will be waiting for her with open arms. In the meantime, I will continue to attend Al‑Anon meetings in the same building where my daughter went to preschool, because I know I am in a safe place.

By Dana S., Illinois

The Forum, September 2021

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