I came to Al‑Anon for the first time because I felt hopeless. I had tried every possible thing to fix my alcoholic mother but none of it worked. Every night was a different fight that ended in the same exact defeat as the one before. It took me reaching rock bottom, the utmost feeling of hopelessness, to bring me into Al‑Anon.

Once I got here, I realized where I went wrong—I couldn’t find the magic solution to fixing my mom because there wasn’t one. Instead, I learned I had my own recovery and my own path of solutions to find for myself. This knowledge encouraged me to come back to Al‑Anon, and since then I have gotten involved in my group and have never felt more at home. Meeting people with situations just as hopeless as mine and sharing stories of recovery with them constantly gives me hope, when it seemed there was none.

By Leah G., Washington
Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism 2019