Many links of service together make a strong chain—not a chain of command, not a chain that tethers, but a chain that connects each of us. The links of service start with me, as a member, contributing to my group. I show up, I help set up, I share, and I serve. As a Group Representative (GR), I am part of my District, exchanging information with my District and my Group. My District participates with my Area, sharing information with my Area and my District. My Area helps my voice be heard in the worldwide fellowship of Al‑Anon Family Groups at the annual World Service Conference. We continue to pioneer Al‑Anon’s and Alateen’s future in the light of the Legacies.

My hope for the future broadens as I see the many links of service at work—maintaining websites and group records and sharing ideas and information. We are all links of service, carrying the message of help and hope to families and friends of alcoholics everywhere. How am I a link of service today?