Recently at a meeting I attended, the topic was hope. The Chairperson shared her thoughts on what hope meant to her by breaking down the meaning of the word letter by letter. Here’s what she shared:

H = I hear others share their courage, strength and hope, which can benefit me on my road to recovery.

O = I open my heart and mind to different ideas and become willing to consider that what has helped others may help me, too.

P = I practice what I learn using the Steps, Serenity Prayer, slogans and other program tools to gain peace of mind.

E = I educate myself about the disease of alcoholism, so I can better understand what my loved one is going through. And I use Al‑Anon Conference Approved Literature to work toward recovery.

By Linda C., New Brunswick

The Forum, January 2018

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  1. Lisa V. February 2018 at 11:16 am

    My daughter is 15, I’m not sure how to suggest this to her. We live in Wy. and there isn’t much support here or any that I know of for teens. I have been alcoholic for all of her life. Sober 5 years. Intoxicated the last 5, sober now 8 months due to jail and treatment, we have been back together 3 weeks. I can’t say anything you all haven’t heard. She is wonderful, I want and desire her the support.

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