I came into Al-Anon shortly after my husband and I had been married for ten years. I had tried everything to get him to stop drinking. He didn’t, and he died of liver failure at age 45. I was angry, hurt, lonely, resentful, and confused. I was in a persistent state of anxiety because I had to raise two children alone, and we had very little money. I wondered how we would survive.

But I kept going to meetings and doing my best to live “One Day at a Time,” as I heard other members say. I am now 66. My children are now independent adults. I still go to Al-Anon meetings regularly. My anxiety never leaves for good, but I learned in meetings that getting stressed out easily is a trait I can work on to change.

I listen to other members share how they deal with feelings of stress and anxiety. I notice men and women who are living in some of the same experiences as I have. Listening to them share their stories gives me the strength to replace my anxiety with calm. It also provides me with clearer thinking and a renewed attitude. Today, my recovery remains as close as my next meeting.

By Lynn A., Connecticut

The Forum, April 2020