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AFG Records and Software Engineer

The AFG Records team maintains Al‑Anon and Alateen group information within the US, Canada, and Bermuda and for groups in countries where there is not a General Service Office.

The team works in close collaboration with the Area Group Records Coordinators to ensure that Al‑Anon group information is kept up to date. They also support Area Alateen Process Persons during the Annual Area Alateen Recertification Process which, when completed, allows the Areas to use the Alateen name in connection with Alateen groups and events with Alateen participation. Al‑Anon and Alateen meeting information is available to the public through the online meeting search at and to callers on the toll‑free meeting information line. The team has been instrumental in the registration of groups into the Global Electronic Area and supporting groups that transfer into geographic Areas that now accept electronic groups.

The Software Engineer updates and maintains our databases and related applications, such as the WSO Online Group Records web application, AFG Connects (an online forum for trusted servants), and the Online Bookstore, frequently working closely with Customer Service and AFG Records.