Outreach to Professionals

The 2018 Al‑Anon/Alateen Membership Survey indicates that over 28 percent of Al‑Anon members attended their first meeting as the result of a professional referral. Professionals include doctors, therapists, religious leaders, nurses, attorneys, police, educators, and judges. Professionals also work in various facilities and institutions. We try to inform them what Al‑Anon is and how to find us, so that they can refer their clients/patients to us. Numerous service tools are available to aid members in carrying the Al‑Anon/Alateen message to the professional community.

Listed here are some of the service tools available for your use. Please note that some tools listed are available on‑line; others can be ordered from your local Literature Distribution Center (LDC) or the WSO.
Public Outreach to Professionals (G-29)
Public Outreach to Institutions (G-9)
Membership Survey Summary
Al‑Anon Faces Alcoholism
Fact Sheet for Professionals (S‑37E) English
Fact Sheet for Professionals (S‑37F) French
Fact Sheet for Professionals (S‑37S) Spanish
Alcoholics, Their Families, and the Judicial System (S‑65/S‑65c)