Groups in Countries without a Service Structure

For groups in countries without a service structure, the World Service Office (WSO) is their resource for information. Resources for group growth and support are found in these pages.  The relationship between groups and the WSO begins with correct and up-to-date information on the New Al-Anon Group Registration Form or the Changes to an Existing Al-Anon Group Form.  To make sure that your group has been registered, contact the World Service Office at

Translating Al-Anon Conference Approved Literature – All requests to translate or reprint Al-Anon Conference Approved Literature are to be submitted to the World Service Office for review and approval before permission to translate or reprint is granted. For additional information, e-mail

Permission to publish Conference Approved Literature is extended only to national Al-Anon General Service bodies in countries outside the United States and Canada. Occasionally, such permission is extended to Al-Anon Central Service Committees, Centers, or even a single group, with the provision that the right to publish is relinquished when a general service body is formed.

For additional information, e-mail