By coming to Al‑Anon meetings, I have learned to accept that alcoholism is a family disease. It affects me in ways that I never expected or understood. It created character defects in me that deceived me into thinking I was okay. Al‑Anon principles have taught me that I cannot make anyone else feel or understand what I feel. But when I let Al‑Anon members into my feelings, they understand and accept me. That makes me feel better. My responsibility is to share those experiences with my teenaged and younger family members and to let them know that help is here for them.

Alateen is for teens. Where there are no Alateen meetings, teens are welcomed into Al‑Anon meetings. Alateen chat meetings are also available for teens; information can be found in the Teen Corner section at al‑ I need to let my family members know that Al‑Anon and Alateen help me to deal with me. If they want what I have, they can join in! However, it is up to me to be the possible resource that a teen needs in order to find help. “Let It Begin with Me!”

“Our Common Welfare”—World Service Notes

The Forum, November 2018