My alcoholic loved one retired two years ago and since then has done nothing but drink until he passes out every day. I was at my wits’ end and my children knew it. I tried reasoning with him. I cried, I begged, and I told him if I could quit smoking, he could quit drinking. My children told me I needed to get help for myself and convinced me to go to an Al‑Anon meeting. My older daughter had gone and found that it helped her, so I reluctantly went to my first meeting. I left an hour later eager for the week to pass so that I could go back again!

It’s been six months and while I’m not cured, I’ve learned to take things “One Day at a Time.” I’ve also come to realize that alcoholism is not something I can control with tears or anger. I have been granted the serenity to finally accept that which I cannot change. I continue to go to meetings, and while I still catch myself occasionally having personal pity parties, those parties occur less often, and I’m feeling a lot better about my future.

By Anonymous

The Forum, November 2019