What’s Your Story?

Dear Forum readers, your sharings about your journey of recovery from the effects of the disease of alcoholism are needed!

Previously titled “My Story,” these Forum sharings focus on what brought you to Al-Anon and what keeps you coming back. Here are some things to think about when writing:

  • What was your life like before coming into Al-Anon?
  • In what ways were you affected by someone’s drinking?
  • How did you hear about Al-Anon?
  • What were your first meetings like?
  • What kept you coming back?
  • What is your life like now? In what ways has the program benefitted you?

Submissions should range from about 700 to 1300 words. Remember—don’t worry about spelling and punctuation. Your sharing will be edited before publication. You can inspire readers by sharing your own experience, strength, and hope.

Please submit your sharings to The Forum, 1600 Corporate Landing Parkway, Virginia Beach, VA 234545617; to wso@al-anon.org or online

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  1. Blanca January 2019 at 4:20 am

    1.What was your life like before coming into Al-Anon?
    My life was a nightmare, I had no Hope, I did not see the Light of the sun, “I WAS IN THE BLACK HOLE” for 23 years and, I lived the life of a ROBOT to produce money, without a happy private life. My cohabitation with an alcoholic has reduced my life to nothing, I no longer lived and I was not hoping for a happy future. The abuse in the family made us to depression, live badly and feel always alone and isolated from the world. Even I had the financial means considered, nothing did not make me happy.
    2. In what ways were you affected by someone’s drinking?
    In everyday life, I stopped communicating with family members, I become arrogant, I did not devote time with my children and I withdrew from social life. I was destroyed both physically and psychologically. Worst nightmare was that I closed myself and I did not even realise that. I was dying slowly, slowly as a woman and an individual, the dreams of taking backs my life in my hands have become unrealisable.
    3. How did you hear about Al-Anon?
    Through my daughter. Invites me On Friday 28, March 2005 at San Diego Spring Round Up and; I NEW THE DOOR FOR A PEACEFUL FUTURE, FULL OF LIGHT!. That was my my first gathering, where I was afraid, my ears were listening to that people told and I was in AWE before I felt, I was crying with joy and fears, because I did not make anything that I had to happen.
    4. What kept you coming back?
    The Resentment that I could not reconstruct a relationship with my 3 daughters and son, I wanted to reconstruct it again and felt that I was losing them. Hope to succeed and credibility in people, help of the sponsors and with the Serenity Prayer. I have reused to redeem myself in front of the Children, I lucked The Love and with the help of the Fellow life started THE CHANGE…
    5. What is your life like now? In what ways has the program benefited you?
    Now my life is changed as if I were another person, the past is just a bad memories, with the program I have RECONQUERED MY CHILDREN, I can say I LOVE YOU with an open hearth, we are sine and we agree to approach. The Program was a life line, I have a happy life and with the people I love, and The Service for me and to Help the near and give a hand to the people who live a nightmare and need help. I dedicate myself THANK’S at the 12 STEPS. I can live in my life with Peace and Serene and LOVE that I can SHARE WITH OTHERS!!!

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