I like consistency in my life. I don’t like surprises, such as when a favorite store of mine closes or when a nice neighbor moves away. However, my Al‑Anon recovery helps me to recognize that change brings new possibilities and growth. Otherwise, I would stagnate. So, I have learned to roll with the flow of change and to see where it leads me.

What is the connection to welcoming change and the Al‑Anon Faces Alcoholism (AFA) magazine? AFA is the most successful member-driven public outreach project in Al‑Anon’s history. It has joined members together in carrying our message to offices of professionals and other public places in their local communities. The reality, however, is that the current system of producing and shipping each AFA issue involves at least 30 of the World Service Office’s (WSO) 48 Staff members twice a year. This means that it wasn’t a “Keep It Simple” project.

So, a new journey has begun. The WSO is making each AFA issue available throughout the year. Reconfiguring this project has not been an easy feat. And I realized that I had a choice—I could either experience the transition with resentment or become open to the new idea. It reminds me that there may be more to do to incorporate change in my own life. When I noticed I was getting a bunion on my right foot, my inner program voice said, “Maybe it is a message from your Higher Power that it is time to stop rollerblading and instead start walking 10,000 steps a day.” Following through with my decision wasn’t easy, but I did it. The outcome is that the swelling on my foot has subsided.

The fellowship is just learning that the AFA magazine is now available for order for most of this year. A few of the advantages of the change include the following:

  • February and July deadlines for placing orders are eliminated
  • Public outreach activities using AFA magazines can occur throughout the year
  • AFA magazines can be distributed to more local offices of professionals and public places
  • Members can replenish their supplies of AFA magazines as needed and the WSO will ship orders as received.

Please share this news with members and mention that it will facilitate local public outreach activities that make use of the AFA magazines. AFA 2019 magazines can now be ordered online from the WSO website.

By Claire R., Associate Director—Public Outreach Professionals

The Forum, August 2019