When I first came to Al‑Anon about a year ago, I had no idea what to expect. My husband was in recovery, and I wanted to find a way to help myself. My first meeting had me hooked because I felt so welcome. It was nice to be in a room where everyone seemed to understand what I was going through and didn’t pressure me to say anything. At first I just listened, but it wasn’t long before I was able to share with the group. Soon I had gone to two other meetings on other days of the week, and I found two groups nearby in which I felt most at home. The strength and hope of the other members has kept me going. I’m not sure how I would be if I wasn’t able to go to Al‑Anon and find out that my experiences have been normal under the circumstances. I am often busy, but I can always find time for Al‑Anon.

By Cheryl R., Indiana

The Forum, August 2018