As reported in the January 2023 In The Loop, a group of six Volunteers and Staff traveled to Europe in late September–early October, 2022, to meet with General Service Offices (GSOs) and emerging structures there. When they arrived in London, England, they divided into two teams: Team North and Team East. 


Team North visited service structures in Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, and the Netherlands, then joined Team East in Versailles, France, to meet with the France GSO before returning to London for the 2022 International Al‑Anon General Services Meeting (IAGSM) October 12–15. Click here to read more about Team North’s trip. (See the March 2023 issue of The Forum for a recap of the 2022 IAGSM.) 


Team East traveled to Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Switzerland, and team members were warmly welcomed in each country. Discussions took place about the use of various social media applications and using emojis to express one’s feelings in electronic Al‑Anon meetings, among other topics. A highlight for Team East was finding a generation of younger members in these countries who are passionate about carrying the Al-Anon message of help and hope, finding ways to welcome the newcomer, participating in service, and translating literature. It was apparent, through tours of each country, meetings, and shared meals, that these Al-Anon members truly love the Al-Anon fellowship. Following Team East’s visit, the structure in Bulgaria became an Al‑Anon Information Service! 


Another positive outcome from these visits is ongoing, regularly scheduled meetings between the World Service Office and the various international structures and groups, which keep connections strong and the flow of information consistent. While the disease of alcoholism continues to affect families across the globe, we are grateful for the opportunity to mutually support and strengthen bonds with our fellow members around the world. 

In The Loop, April 2023