I attended my first Al‑Anon meeting while my husband was in rehab. My children were ages seven, five, and eleven months. I was terrified. I was confused. Throughout my entire marriage, well-meaning people had been telling me that if I just hadn’t said that, or if I just hadn’t done this, maybe he wouldn’t have had to drink. I was hurting immensely, to the point where I was having physical health issues.

So, to make the decision to go to a meeting and actually follow through was a huge step and utterly terrifying. But what I witnessed around that table had a lasting impact on me and changed my way of thinking forever. Here was a group of people who knew how I felt; they had actually lived very similar lives, and they were happy and normal and so very understanding of my situation.

I sat in my chair, shriveled in a tiny ball, afraid that if I opened my mouth the tears would start. Before I left that day, the lady sitting beside me squeezed my hand and told me to “Keep Coming Back.” I am so grateful I was strong enough to force myself to go to that first meeting. It was the start of a journey I’m still on today.

By Becky L., Pennsylvania

The Forum, Novembre 2023

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