The first Al‑Anon meeting I attended was not for me—or so I thought. I was accompanying a friend who was looking for answers about her alcoholic loved one. I was immediately welcomed by the women and men there, and I noticed that they were all smiling and laughing. I felt comfortable before the meeting even started. As we all took turns reading the Steps and Traditions, I was filled with the desire to be accepted by these people, to fit in and enjoy the same serenity they exuded. Then everyone shared about the First Step and how they came to understand it and start their journey to serenity. More importantly, when it came my turn to share, everyone listened attentively as I described how unmanageable my life was. Without judgement, they nodded in understanding. I wept as I realized I’d found a place where I felt I belonged. I hadn’t ever thought that I would find answers to many of my personal difficulties, much less be invited to share the company of such inspiring and loving people. As it turned out, Al‑Anon was absolutely for me.

By Christine D., Ontario

The Forum, August 2019