When life throws me another curveball, like my alcoholic daughter having a baby, I start obsessing about how to fix her before the baby is born. To break out of this pattern of thinking, I go to Al‑Anon meetings, read program literature, talk to my Sponsor, and pray. Finally, I begin practicing detachment with love by giving my daughter a baby shower. Only with a Higher Power and the Al‑Anon program can I reach out to her with kindness. Her alcoholism has taken her away from the family for many years.

My grandchild has now been born and my daughter has been drinking. I pray for her and her child daily. I am powerless over my daughter’s alcoholism and what kind of a parent she is. Compassion fills my heart as I see once again how powerless I am. My daughter has many assets, and I try to focus on those. Having a grandchild is both a joy and an opportunity to practice acceptance.

By Anonymous

The Forum, December 2022

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