One recent night, I didn’t sleep well. I felt so ill that I was scared to go back to sleep. Everything in my mind went round and round. I had turned into a madwoman—screaming, swearing and threatening. I became a bottle-hunting freak. I had spent years in denial, thinking I could protect my family and friends. How wrong I was. I was to find out they all knew!

My doctor told me to go to Al‑Anon for help. I attended my first meeting and listened to everyone share. Determined to get better, I read everything they gave me. I read the Twelve Steps and followed them from day one.

I have worked the Twelve Steps and my husband hit his rock bottom by drinking and taking an overdose one month after I detached with love. He now attends A.A. and is in sobriety, but living with him brings new challenges because he is a different person. But so am I. Attending Al‑Anon has helped me to enjoy my life on the road to recovery “One Day at a Time.” I just wish my children could find the strength to go, too. Alcoholism is a dreadful disease and by attending and working the program, I realize that I have been affected by alcoholism since childhood. I now enjoy life to the fullest and treat myself with kindness. I laugh and love the simple things in life.

By Yvonne C., England