Imagine you’re going to Stepping Stones, the home of Lois and Bill W. in Bedford Hills, New York in 1976. Picture yourself being greeted and sitting down to have a conversation with Lois W. for a job as Forum Editor at the WSO.

In her sharing, Hildegard V., past Forum Editor, describes her first encounter with Lois W. Although she was initially seeking employment, the job interview launched a friendship with Lois W. that would last for the remainder of our Cofounder’s life—even after Hildegard left the WSO in 1983. “A Most Meaningful Friendship” details this friendship with Lois. In it, members can learn more about Lois’s personality, and her ability to summarize discussions and to accept people without judgement.

The sharing was originally published in the Lois W. Memorial Issue of the March 1989 Forum. It is now available on the WSO website for the first time since 1989.