The WSO is pleased to announce the release of the new 2019–2020 Al‑Anon Public Service Announcements (PSAs). The new campaign features two different scenarios that introduce Al‑Anon Family Groups to the general public, encouraging people affected by another person’s drinking to try Al‑Anon for help and hope.

The PSAs are available in English, French, and Spanish and will initially be distributed to more than 1,000 TV and radio stations in the US and Canada. Further, thanks to the generous commitment of those stations that offer free airplay, Al‑Anon PSAs reach millions of people every year.

Al‑Anon members and groups can take part in this most wide-reaching public outreach project, too! Would you be willing to contact the TV and radio stations in your local area and ask them to play our PSAs?

It only takes a few simple steps:

  • Request to speak with the person responsible for PSA programming and ask if they would like to help the families and friends of alcoholics in their audience.
  • Write down the contact’s name and email address.
  • Submit a request to have the PSAs sent to the contact via email.

You can also reach out to your Area Public Outreach Coordinator for assistance. He or she can provide you with the PSA information for your Area, which includes the list of local stations that received the PSAs and the previous year’s airplay report showing which stations played them.

Let’s make this new campaign the most successful yet— “Let It Begin with Me.”