Video Transcript

My sister is the alcoholic. Why do I need recovery?

Member: I was slated to go to a family event, it was actually a funeral, and I found myself dreading seeing any family members, and it was particularly related to my sister’s alcoholism. My sister actually died of the disease, and I always felt that I had caused it. And the thought of seeing any family members filled me with such fear and such unbearable feelings that I knew I needed help, something; I started looking for help. And I had been to… a sober alcoholic had taken me to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous many years before, and there was a flyer at that meeting place, and it had something on it about how families and others around an alcoholic can be affected. And this was my first inkling that maybe there are others who suffer in the way that I was suffering. And that’s how I ended up coming to my very first Al-Anon meeting.  


Moderator: Great, thank you for sharing.  


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