It was my first Al‑Anon meeting. I was scared because I didn’t know anyone. I was terrified that someone would know me. I never said a word during the whole meeting.

I have only one memory from that first meeting. After a continuous barrage of invective from the alcoholic about how his drinking was all my fault, I heard these words: “You did not cause the drinking; you cannot control it; and you cannot cure it.” Those words became my mantra. Over and over, with each repetition, I felt lighter and lighter. I felt I was shedding the weight of my world.

On the way home, I needed to stop at the grocery store—my “cover” excuse for going out that evening. As I gripped the handle of the grocery cart, I had a vision of myself floating above the aisle. It felt as though that grip was the only thing keeping me from floating away. I had found hope! I knew I would be coming back to Al‑Anon.

By Ellen V., Arkansas

The Forum, January 2024


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